Integration Sessions

Individual & Group Integration Sessions

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Group Integration Sessions

  • Integration Workshops/Sessions limited to EIGHT (8) individuals per group session
  • Integration is fundamental to any transformative experience but often overlooked.  Integration workshops allow you to share your experience with others who have also undergone ketamine therapy.  If you are new to ketamine, an integration workshop will allow you to listen to other’s experiences — allowing you to prepare for your own journey.  Learning firsthand from others helps not only those who are inquiring, but veteran ketamine patients. 
  • The most important aspect of transformation is the integration of the experience.   When we do not have others to mirror back to us our new way of being we are not able to fully embody what we experienced — this causes a pattern called ‘Threshold Chasing’.
  • In short, threshold chasing is continually going back to “chase” the experience that took you out of the “everyday world”.   During these workshops, you will learn to take the next step and integrate what you experienced during your ketamine session —  sharing with the world on your return.  
  • The integration step of the experience allows you to anchor what you learned into actionable habits that bridges where you were, are, and where you want to be.

Group Session Pricing

$60/group session (approx 75 min)

What You Should Expect To Learn

  • How to deal with resistance to change
  • How to live more authentically by bridging inner and outer experiences
  • How to recognize conditioning and autopilot behavior
  • Body awareness techniques
  • Breathwork techniques
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Ask questions and share stories
  • Build a life that helps align beliefs and actions with what you felt were the most important parts of your sessions
  • Be witnessed as you anchor in a new way of being

Individual Integration Sessions

Individual sessions are suited for those who wish to dive deeper and connect with the specifics of their experience in a more direct setting than a group setting might provide.  Should you wish to have someone help integrate your experience, but aren’t ready for a group setting or prefer 1-on-1 attention, individual sessions are available and customized to your needs. To sign up for an individual session please contact us.  Text: 208-271-3800 or Call: 208-623-9038.

Individual Session Pricing

$125.00 Per Hour

Woman at integration session

Cory Steele - Integration Specialist

Cory steele integration specialist

Cory is a Integration Specialist, Psychedelic Guide, and Certified Nature Connected Life Coach (Earth Based Institute). For the past three years, he has been utilizing nature as a container to enhance transformational life changes and help people reconnect to themselves, each other, and their environment. Cory also helps people integrate transformational experiences, including psychedelic sessions, Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), as well as other crises requiring reintegration after an identity loss or existential crisis. He has studied psychology (Depth/Archetypal, Existential, and Transpersonal), consciousness, neuroscience, ancient/indigenous cultures, myth, and philosophy for over 15 years. He has a BS in Psychology and will finish his MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling this Fall (2023). He is a yoga instructor and has been teaching meditation for over five years and incorporates yoga as a tool for somatic trauma healing.  He has spent eight years traveling and emerging himself in multiple cultures to learn different healing modalities.  He has studied and participated in a traditional Lakota Wilderness Quest. Additionally, Cory has had the rare opportunity to travel with shamans and facilitated many ayahuasca and psilocybin sessions for ceremonial and therapeutic purposes. Education and experiences such as these have helped him aid clients to heal and work towards a state of well-being and wholeness.

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