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Restless Leg Syndrome

Ketamine Infusions for Restless Leg Treatment

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a disorder affecting a part of the nervous system that casues an urge to move the legs sparatically. Many Doctors consider RLS a sleep disorder because it tends to happen or gets worse when you first fall asleep. 

Ketamine for Restless Leg Syndrome has been shown to greaty reduce the pain associated with RLS

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What Are The Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome?

The primary symptom of RLS is an urge to move the legs. Common accompanying characteristics of RLS include:

Sensations that begin after rest. The sensation typically begins after you’ve been lying down or sitting for an extended time, such as in a car, airplane or movie theater.

Relief with movement. The sensation of RLS lessens with movement, such as stretching, jiggling your legs, pacing or walking.

Symptoms Worsen During The Evening. Symptoms occur mainly at night.

Nighttime leg twitching. RLS may be associated with an additional and more common condition called periodic limb movement of sleep, which causes your legs to twitch and kick, possibly throughout the night, while you sleep.

People typically describe RLS symptoms as abnormal, unpleasant sensations in their legs or feet. They usually happen on both sides of the body. Less commonly, the sensations affect the arms.

Find Out If Ketamine for (RLS) is A Viable Treatment Option For You

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Ketamine is a synthetic medicine that has primarily been used as an anesthetic agent in humans and animals for over 50 years. It is one of the most commonly used anesthetic agents in the world, because of its unique properties that make it incredibly safe to administer. 

Ketamine binds to NMDA receptors, and creates a glutamate surge, releasing growth factors that help make new synaptic connections in your brain. This paves the way for healthier thought patterns and increases your resilience to chronic stress.

The literature for depression shows a 70% success rate. Individual clinics have seen higher rates, because they have seen increased efficacy with increased dosing.

The low doses used for depression are in the empathogenic "heart opening" psychedelic dose range. People report feelings of love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, and a touch of euphoria.

Ketamine will not be provided to individuals with schizophrenia, psychosis, or certain seizure disorders. Those taking aminophylline for asthma or COPD should not undergo ketamine infusions. If you have serious medical problems like uncontrolled high blood pressure, cardiac disease, or pulmonary problems, a clearance will be requested from your primary care physician before undergoing treatment.

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