Treatment Pricing

Ketamine Treatment Pricing

1-Hour IV Ketamine Session: $450

Ketamine on Infusion Pump + Additional Ketamine bonuses as needed

  • IV hydration
  • IV magnesium
  • IV zofran/toradol as needed
  • IV vitamins @ discounted rate of $35

90-Min GUIDED IV Ketamine Session: $637.50

  • Includes same 1-HR with addition of Psychedelic Guide

2-Hour IV Ketamine Session: $650

  • Includes same as 1 Hr

2-Hour GUIDED IV Ketamine Session: $900

  • Includes same 1-HR with addition of Psychedelic Guide

1-HR Meditative Intramuscular (IM) Ketamine Session: $389

  • IM or Oral anti-nausea/headache meds as needed

90-Minute Introspective IM Ketamine Session: $499

  • Includes same as 1 hr
  • Integration: $125 / hr
  • Integration with low-dose IM ketamine as a facilitator: $375/hr

All new ketamine patients require an initial intake (virtual or in-person) up to 45 min: $79 and non-refundable for no-show. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover ketamine or integration sessions at this time; however you may use hsa/fsa funds.

IV Therapy Pricing

IV Hydration: $79 (up to 1 L NS)

Add on Vitamins/Minerals/Medications:

  • Aminos: $35
  • B-Vitamin Complex: $35
  • Magnesium: $35
  • Tri-Immune Boost: $35
  • Add on Medications:
  • Toradol (15-30 mg) or Zofran (4 mg): $25 each

All Vitamin Infusions  Р$79

IV vitamin therapy presents a multitude of benefits, aimed at enhancing overall health and well-being by delivering vital nutrients directly into the bloodstream for optimal absorption. Ketamine Infusions of Idaho takes this innovative treatment a step further by offering a wide array of vitamin infusions that can be personalized to meet the unique health requirements of each individual. This customization ensures that clients receive the precise nutrients needed to boost their immune system, increase energy levels, improve mental clarity, and support recovery from physical stress or illness. By tailoring their IV vitamin therapies, Ketamine Infusions of Idaho empowers individuals to address specific health concerns and achieve their wellness goals effectively, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their health through targeted nutritional support.

  • 250 mg: $299 (90 min – 2 hours typical infusion times)
  • 500 mg: $399 (2 – 4 hours typical infusion times)
  • 1000 mg: $699 (4 – 8 hours typical infusion times)

Subcutaneous NAD+ Injections $7 per 10 mg

  • Lipo Mino: $40
  • D3: $25

Concierge Services

Tailored Ketamine and Vitamin treatments. Inquire at 208-623-9038.

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